Performance Testing for the Sake of Your Users: An Interview with Andreas Grabner


In this interview, Andreas Grabner of Dynatrace explains why you need to pay attention to your users' needs when you're doing your performance testing. He shares his performance testing approaches and explores the top problem patterns that you can learn to spot in your apps.

Jennifer Bonine: All right, we are back with more interviews. Stay tuned, we're having a lot of fun this afternoon with our interviews. I'm very excited Andreas is here.

Andreas Grabner: Hi.

Jennifer Bonine: You spent a lot of time getting here, didn't you? You had a long flight?

Andreas Grabner: I did. But do you actually know that I live on the East Coast now? I'm no longer in Austria.

Jennifer Bonine: I know, well, I knew that, but it's still ...

Andreas Grabner: It's still a long flight. It's still a six-hour flight.

Jennifer Bonine: Five and ... I was just going to say. Yeah, it's five and a half, six hours.

Andreas Grabner: Yeah, it is.

Jennifer Bonine: I mean, do you know, from Minnesota I can get to Europe in that amount of time, almost.

Andreas Grabner: Really?

Jennifer Bonine: Because I'm in the middle, so to get there, it's about six hours.

Andreas Grabner: Yeah? To Europe?

Jennifer Bonine: Yeah.

Andreas Grabner: Okay.

Jennifer Bonine: I can get to Europe then.

Andreas Grabner: Really?

Jennifer Bonine: If I go close.

Andreas Grabner: Yeah?

Jennifer Bonine: Yep, so that's long to me.

Andreas Grabner: It is long.

Jennifer Bonine: That's long.

Andreas Grabner: No, you're right, you're right, no.

Jennifer Bonine: And how are you liking the East Coast now?

Andreas Grabner: The East Coast, I like it a lot, I'm just a little worried about the winter.

Jennifer Bonine: Yeah?


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