zTechWell hosts a variety of conferences annually that cover all aspects of the SDLC—the STAR testing conferences; the Agile + DevOps conferences; and the Agile Testing Days USA conferences

DevOps Conferences—At DevOps Conferences, learn the latest in methods, processes, technology, and tools that are being used to integrate agile development with systems operations. Understand how, when implemented correctly, DevOps reduces the time from idea inception to user availability of your product and services.Your registration includes full access to the Agile Dev Conference and Better Software Conference.

DevOps West—June 4–9, 2017—Las Vegas, Nevada—Caesars Palace


Better Software Conferences—At Better Software Conferences, learn about the latest tools, trends, and issues regarding software development, process improvement and measurement, plan-driven development, testing and quality assurance, security, and managing projects and teams. Your registration includes full access to the Agile Dev Conference and DevOps Conference. 

Better Software West—June 4–9, 2017—Las Vegas, Nevada—Caesars Palace



Agile Dev Conferences—At Agile Dev Conferences, explore agile development practices, agile processes and organization, agile projects, agile design and programming, transitions to agile, and leadership principles. Your registration includes full access to the Better Software Conference and DevOps Conference.

Agile Dev West—June 4–9, 2017—Las Vegas, Nevada—Caesars Palace




Agile + DevOps Conferences—At Agile + DevOps Conferences, find out how agile and DevOps combine to bring cross-functional teams together to deliver software with greater speed and agility while meeting quality and security demands. Learn from industry experts how your leadership and organization can leverage agile and DevOps concepts to improve deployment frequency and time to market, reduce lead time, and successfully deliver stable new features. Agile + DevOps Conferences take place in two great locations every year—pick you destination:

Agile + DevOps West—June 2–7, 2019—Las Vegas, Nevada—Caesars Palace 


Agile + DevOps East—November 4–9, 2018—Orlando, Florida—Renaissance Orlando Sea World


STAR Testing Conferences—As the industry's premier software testing conferences, the STAR conferences offer a gathering place for software testers, developers, and managers to interact and learn how to improve software testing. The STAR conferences cover test management, test techniques, test automation, agile testing, mobile testing, cloudtesting, performance testing, security testing, test metrics, and more. STAR Conferences take place in three great locations every year—pick your destination: 

STARWEST—October 1–6, 2017—Anaheim, California—Disneyland Hotel


STARCANADA—October 15–20, 2017—Toronto, ON—Hyatt Regency Toronto 


 STAREAST—April 29–May 4, 2018—Orlando, Florida—Hyatt Regency Orlando


Mobile Dev + Test Conference—The Mobile Dev + Test Conference addresses the most relevant topics in the rapidly evolving mobile and smart device software market. Learn the latest techniques in analysis, design, development, and testing. Hear from experts in the field about where the future of smart and mobile software is headed.

Mobile Dev + Test Conference—April 24–28, 2017—San Diego, California—Westin San Diego Hotel

 IoT Dev + Test Conference—Now introducing the IoT Dev + Test conference which will be collocated with Mobile Dev + Test . The new IoT Dev + Test will offer the latest in IoT development, testing, design, emerging technologies, tools, and leadership principles from leaders who deliver inspiring keynote presentations, in-depth tutorials, and a wide range of conference sessions.

IoT Dev + Test Conference—April 24–28, 2017—San Diego, California—Westin San Diego Hotel



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