STARWEST 2000 - Software Testing Conference


Rethinking Requirements

In my travels, I see many different views about what
requirements are, and how to deal with them. There are more and less useful ways to view
requirements. I believe many people could be thinking about
requirements in a more useful way, which would help
them build better software more effectively.

Brian Lawrence, Coyote Valley Software
STARWEST 2000: Data-Driven Automated Testing Using XML

Test automation is an unavoidable entity for testing Web-based applications where reduced time-to-market is the name of the game. Data-driven test cases allow the test automation engineer to automate/develop once and run many times with different conditions to test the system. Learn why XML--the markup language for documents containing structured information--is the best way to present the test data for automated testing. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of XML-based test data.

Rutesh Shah, Arsin Corporation
STARWEST 2000: Managing the End Game of a Software Project

How do you know when a product is ready to ship? QA managers have been faced with this question for many years. Using the methodology discussed in this presentation, you take the guessing out of shipping a product and replace it with key metrics to help you rationally make the right decision. Learn how to estimate, predict, and manage your software project as it gets closer to its release date.

Mike Ennis, BMC Software, Inc.

Stress Testing Load on a Server

Everyone is talking about the need to "load test" their servers--whether Web servers or proprietary server software--but how do the people who must load test these servers actually perform the testing? Learn how different companies load test their servers by simulating thousands of connections using a combination of publicly available tools and proprietary utilities.

Elisabeth Hendrickson, Aveo Inc.

Successful Test Management: 9 Lessons Learned

Many engineering managers came to management through the technical ranks. Although they may have had plenty of engineering training and mentoring, they frequently have to learn management skills the hard way: through trial and error. In this double-track presentation, Johanna Rothman describes some engineering management tips and tricks learned through trial and error. Gain insight into how people respond to different management styles and missions. Learn what to observe in your staff's work--and your own.

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.

Test Automation of Large System Testing

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) traded over $10 trillion last year. Three years ago, NYSE established an initiative to improve the productivity and quality of software validation efforts. Learn the key architecture and infrastructure elements of that initiative.

Al Lowenstein, SIAC
Test Team Dynamics

Throughout the years there have been many different management approaches to testing products. Test organizations today follow the "delegation of authority and responsibility" principle. In an effort for the test manager to gain a closer understanding of all the employees, there needs to be a system that breaks down the classical structure and makes the interfaces more personal. Explore one team's successful test group approach based on the principles of a football team.

Charlie Williams, Compaq Computer Corporation
Testing Database Integrity

The saying "Data is a corporate asset" has become a cliche, but most organizations are still vitally dependent on data quality. This presentation addresses how to validate data integrity and check the robustness and controls of databases. Using case studies in database testing, learn how to develop test plans and build test cases for a typical database application.

Ross Collard, Collard & Company
Testing in the Cold

"Testing in the cold" refers to those times when you feel there is no commitment to testing and people or other circumstantial factors are not being cooperative. Hans Buwalda provides forty-five tips for testing in such a situation, including issues on commitment, politics, managing expectations, dependencies, difficulty of testing, motivation of participants, and practical issues and problems. Learn how to successfully "test in the cold" when circumstances appear to be working against you.

Hans Buwalda, CMG TestFrame Research Center

Testing Rapidly Created Web Sites

Learn of one company's key activities and experiences through an IPO effort to successfully launch a Web site targeted to be among the top ten Web sites in America. This presentation will discuss the methods, tools, and resource issues encountered in delivering this site--and make some recommendations for each. Discover how consistency was maintained through templates and fast-reviews, and explore the different methods used to measure the test progress.

Ronald Beilinson, Concero


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