Software Test Automation Fall 2001


Choosing an Automated Web Application Testing Solution: What You Need to Know

The Internet has injected critical changes into how businesses must guarantee the quality of their enterprise applications. Automated testing tools are no longer optional for organizations that want to gainand-maintain-he highest level of quality control over their eBusiness applications. Selecting a Web testing tool is not an easy job in today's fast-paced market. This presentation defines and discusses the top requirements for an automated testing solution in the Internet age.

Yves de Montcheuil, Empirix
Common Mistakes in Test Automation

Automating the execution of tests is becoming more and more popular as the need to improve software quality amidst increasing system complexity becomes ever stronger. The appeal of having the computer run the tests in a fraction of the time it takes to perform them manually has led many organisations to attempt test automation without a clear understanding of all that is involved. Consequently, many attempts have failed to achieve real or lasting benefits.

Mark Fewster, Grove Consultants

Developing an Automated Regression Test Set

Automating a regression test is a tremendous effort, but the payoff is big in situations where continuous, repeatable, repetitive testing is required. This presentation describes a real-world example of a successful team effort toward developing a reusable automated regression test set for legacy medical software products in a client/server environment. Learn the principles of team building and test case design, and the tools and utilities you need to get the job done.

Patricia George, Sunquest Info Systems, Inc.
Did Your Tests Pass or Fail? Answering with Automation

Automated tests using self-verifying data (SVD) can help determine if your query-type tests have the right information or if they are showing you the expected views. In this presentation, Noel Nyman provides a brief overview of an SVD testing method followed by a demonstration of automation techniques that allow you to run random tests on SVDs with millions of records or entries.

Noel Nyman, Microsoft
Don't Forget to Test Your Web Application Servers!

Make certain your storefront stays open for business! In this presentation, Simon Berman discusses the critical part that Web and application servers play in an Internet infrastructure. Discover why load testing the middle tiers of the Internet infrastructure can mean the difference between failure and success.

Simon Berman, Mercury Interactive
eBusiness Survival: The Essentials for Automated Web Application Testing

Trial and error is no way to survive the aggressive world of eBusiness. A complete Web testing solution is essential. It must cover all phases of the application life cycle, automate your test practices for the different phases and platforms, and accelerate your process with team communication, measurement, and analysis. In this presentation, Dave Kapelanski teaches you how to survive and thrive in the eBusiness world with tools, services, and practices.

Dave Kapelanski, Compuware Corporation
Establishing a Telecommunication Test Automation System

Building an environment to successfully test wireless intelligent network peripherals presents an array of complex problems to resolve. The target environment integrates various SS7 protocols, a proprietary protocol, and voice recognition subsystem--and requires a controlled and synchronized test environment. Learn how a test automation approach allows the software engineer control over the peripheral interfaces and provides for the testing of the entire call flow sequence, its initiation and consequential message traffic.

Greg Clower, Software Development Technologies
Failure of a Dot Com-A Case Study

In the new economy, cliches such as "Internet time" can be disastrous. As the market emphasis shifts from first-to-market to first-to-profit, Internet start-ups are forced to scrutinize decisions which directly impact their business model. Learn the steps to failure taken by one dot-com company and the lessons learned from this failed endeavor.

Theresa Lanowitz, Gartner Group

How to Evaluate and Select High-End Load Testing Tool

This presentation addresses the following topics related to selecting a load testing tool: what tool characteristics matter; gathering information from vendors; determining metrics to collect; executing the test; analyzing the results; the recording process; and lessons learned.

Marquis Harding,
Implementing an Automated Regression Test Suite

Many efforts to automate regression testing have failed or not met expectations-resulting in "shelfware." Lloyd Roden presents a real-world case study based on the success of implementing a regression test tool within a software company. Learn the steps taken in evaluating and deploying the tool. Discover the key benefits and successes achieved over a three-year period as well as the challenges faced while using the tool.

Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants


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