Agile Development Practices 2007


Toward a More Agile Culture

Culture is all about values and beliefs in action. Every team and organization has a culture that shows up in the way people are treated and promoted, how rewards are allocated, and even what's considered an acceptable topic for conversation. Esther Derby examines four common corporate cultures-cultures where power is the currency, cultures which control through policies and procedures, cultures that define clear goals and attract people to achieve them, and cultures where people are motivated by close relationships with co-workers.

Esther Derby, Esther Derby Associates Inc

Using the Theory of Constraints to Coach Agile Teams

Even as a large number of teams are adopting agile methods, some teams are finding this transition to be a big leap. Because each team is unique, they are not able to follow all of the practices "by the book." Each team must customize certain practices to best suit its needs and abilities. Naresh Jain shares his experiences guiding agile teams through this transition.

Naresh Jain, ThoughtWorks Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Welcome to the Mainstream

As agile software development leaves the early adoption stage and moves solidly into the mainstream, Mary Poppendieck reminds us that fads in software development have come and gone before. What makes us think that agile is different? Unless we learn from previous attempts to improve development practices, we are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Mary Poppendieck, Poppendieck LLC


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