Building an Enterprise Performance and Load Testing Infrastructure

Dave Ogletree, Bridgepoint Education

Are you frustrated by how long it takes your IT department to provision development and test environments? Have you performed load testing on inadequate hardware only to find performance problems emerge in production? Dave Ogletree leveraged virtualization to solve these problems. He and his team at Bridgepoint Education created and implemented integrated virtualized systems for both developers and testers. Dave describes how his organization built a catalog-based interface for provisioning, created virtual application templates, and established service level agreements to deliver complex and integrated systems. These virtualized systems are used to build testing and performance labs. Dave’s organization has used these labs to build and test software supporting more than 85,000 students, and a national marketing campaign for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Take away best practices for using virtualization technology to perform large-scale load testing, and learn from Dave’s experience at an enterprise level to improve your own testing capabilities.