Automation Culture: Essential to Agile Success

Geoff Meyer, Dell, Inc.

For organizations developing large-scale applications, transitioning to agile is challenging enough. If your organization has not yet adopted an automation culture, brace yourself for a big surprise because automation is essential to agile success. From the safety nets provided by automated unit and acceptance tests to the automation of build, build verification, and deployment processes, the iterative nature of agile demands a culture of automation across your engineering organization. Geoff Meyer shares lessons learned in adopting a test automation culture as the Dell Enterprise Systems Group simultaneously adopted Scrum and agile processes across its entire software product portfolio. Learn to address the practical challenges of establishing an automation culture at the outset by ensuring that your organizational makeover incorporates changes to your hiring, staffing, and training practices. Find out how you can apply automation beyond the Scrum team in areas including continuous integration, scale and stress testing, and performance testing.