CA Technologies | Discover Agile: Change Your Company and Your Culture

Discover Agile: Change Your Company and Your Culture

The first step to an agile company? Change your culture.

This eBook is not a set of step-by-step instructions for how to fix all your organizational issues. Nor is it a tactical plan on how to move from being a rigid, inflexible company to being one that places customers— and agile—at the heart of everything you do. If only life was this simple.

Instead, think of this guide as a blueprint. Based on years of experience with other organizations, CA Technologies provides an outline on how to efficiently and effectively scale agile across your company.

In this guide you will learn:

  • What is an agile culture
  • Proven ways to remove roadblocks that can halt your transformation and cultural change
  • Why it isn’t enough to adapt a few agile projects and declare that you have an agile culture

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