Become a Curator

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TechWell curators are software professionals who are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and engaged in the latest industry trends, tools, and technology. Using content sourced from around the Internet, our curators compose short stories that are interesting, entertaining, sometimes thought provoking, and occasionally opinionated.

What Do I Have to Do?
Each curator is responsible for submitting up to five stories a month. Stories should run 300-500 words, with 400 words being ideal. Stories are built around and should link to articles, videos, blog posts, or other online content—both from our TechWell Community sites and anywhere in the Internet—that the curator considers interesting and applicable to our audience. You should expect to spend one to two hours developing and writing a story. Because audience engagement is key to the success of a curated site, we ask curators to respond to reader comments and questions.

What’s in It for Me?
Stories you write will feature your byline with a link to a profile page containing your photo, bio, and links to your blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Readers will come to know you, your stories, and your personality. Thought leaders are born this way. TechWell curators receive $100 per published story. In addition, active TechWell curators receive free Wednesday-Thursday conference passes to any SQE conference and half price on pre- and post-conference event sessions (tutorials + summit).

What Is the Publishing Process?
Curators submit stories to the TechWell editors, who check them for grammar, style, and punctuation, and then publish them to the site—usually within two business days.

What If I Can’t Write for a While or Want to Stop Curating?
We understand life can get hectic. So, if you need to take a temporary break from curating, we ask that you give us two weeks’ notice. In the event you decide curating is not for you, please let us know thirty days in advance so we can look for a replacement.

How Do I Get Started?
To apply for a TechWell curator position, please contact Noel Wurst at

[email protected] with the following information:


Company affiliation

Interest area(s)

Approximate stories per month you are available to curate

Noel will share examples and you will be asked to write several sample stories in the curated style, then we will mutually determine if this is a good fit for each of us.