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Application Release and Deployment For Dummies | IBM

To keep up with market and user demands, teams must learn how to release and deploy applications frequently—while reducing cost and mitigating risk. This 40-page “For Dummies” eBook defines the basics of application release and deployment, and provides best practices for implementation.

Identify Twelve Critical Security Risks in Application Architectures—Automatically | McCabe

The stakes are higher than ever today. Finding and fixing security vulnerabilities in software applications are critical development responsibilities. Unfortunately, typical code analysis tools often find too many false positives to be really useful.

Now there is a tool category that helps development teams analyze software based on application architecture.

Download this technical white paper to learn about twelve critical security risk categories of vulnerabilities that are often hidden within the software architecture. Learn how tools such as McCabe IQ can help find these vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently.

Accelerate Software Development with DevOps and Hybrid Cloud | Skytap

Combining agile development/test practices with emerging DevOps and hybrid cloud technologies offers a new platform for rapid innovation and market leadership.

DevOps brings order to the otherwise chaotic world of application development, testing, deployment, scaling, and monitoring. The hybrid cloud promises to automate the myriad of development and operations processes for fast and low cost development and deployment.

Download this white paper to learn how you can begin putting together the pieces needed to accelerate software development in your company.

Deployment Automation Basics | IBM

Manual and scripted deployment processes—whether Dev to Test/QA or to Production—are fraught with potential errors and slow down release cycles. New technologies are available today to completely—or almost completely—automate your organization’s software deployments across all environments and for many types of systems.

Download this technical white paper to learn how developers, testers, QA teams, and operations departments are eliminating manual errors and replacing undocumented, insecure scripts with fully automated, traceable, and repeatable processes.

Deliver Mobile Apps: The Lifecycle Approach | HP

New mobile business applications are frequently part of a broader enterprise application transformation—enabling support of bring-your-own-devices (BYOD), launching enterprise app stores, and leveraging personal devices for business activities.

Adapting to the complete mobile app lifecycle in order to reach customers and employee expectations means:
* Transforming enterprise apps for multi-screen devices
* Facilitating design, testing, security, performance, management, and compliance

Download this white paper to find out about software and services that accelerate and simplify creating and deploying internally developed, “in-house” enterprise mobile applications.

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