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DevOps for Dummies | IBM

Today’s fast-moving world makes DevOps essential for any business aspiring to be agile and lean in order to respond rapidly to changing customer and marketplace demands. This book helps you understand DevOps and how your organization can gain real business benefits from it.

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DevOps eGuide | TechWell

NEW! TechWell's newest eGuide is now available to download. Explore hot topics around DevOps, learn best practices, and gain information on how to start the DevOps conversation in your organization.

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Five Steps to Simplify Software Delivery in a Chaotic World | IBM

Delivering complex applications quickly and cost effectively is becoming more challenging despite a general industry push for lean and agile methodologies.

In many organizations, disconnected communication and heterogeneous IT environments negatively impact end-to-end business processes and DevOps integration. As a result, organizations are getting lost in a maze of waste, rework, and technical debt. 

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Deployment Automation Basics | IBM

Manual and scripted deployment processes—whether Dev to Test/QA or to Production—are fraught with potential errors and slow down release cycles. New technologies are available today to completely—or almost completely—automate your organization’s software deployments across all environments and for many types of systems.

Download this technical white paper to learn how developers, testers, QA teams, and operations departments are eliminating manual errors and replacing undocumented, insecure scripts with fully automated, traceable, and repeatable processes.

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Application Release and Deployment For Dummies | IBM

To keep up with market and user demands, teams must learn how to release and deploy applications frequently—while reducing cost and mitigating risk. This 40-page “For Dummies” eBook defines the basics of application release and deployment, and provides best practices for implementation.

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